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Our Services


Water Storage

We specialize in design and installation of efficient water storage and pump needs tailored to your requirements. Our knowledge and expertise extends to selecting and installing pumps that optimize water distribution. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, we ensure reliability and sustainability.

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Pressure Systems

We provide expert services in well pressure systems, offering installation, maintenance and repair solutions. Our team ensures the optimal performance of well pumps and pressure tanks, catering to both residential and commercial clients. From system design to troubleshooting, we prioritize efficiency and reliability to meet the unique demands of well water systems.


Submersible and Booster Pumps

Our services encompass the installation, maintenance and repair of submersible and booster pumps. We specialize in designing systems that utilize these pumps for efficient water distribution in various settings, from residential, commercial to industrial applications. Our team ensures the proper application of pump submerged in the well, or booster pump to maintain the desired water pressure to your distribution system.


Solar Pump Design and Installation 

We provide specialize in off-grid solar well design and installation services. Our expertise includes creating sustainable water solutions by integrating solar powered systems for wells in remote areas. From system design to professional installation, we ensure reliable water supply through harnessing solar energy, offering self-sufficient solutions tailored to your off-grid needs.

Plain Water

Water Filtration & Conditioning 

We offer comprehensive, on-site water sampling, as well as the installation and maintenance of water treatment and conditioning systems. Our expert team conducts thorough water analysis to identify contaminants, ensuring a tailored approach to purification. We specialize in installation of cutting edge, quality water treatment and conditioning systems. Our systems address issues such as hard water, high iron content and low PH conditions. Our goal is to provide clean and safe water solutions for all conditions.

Well Inspection

Well Inspections

Our services include thorough well inspection and generation of a detailed well production report. We conduct comprehensive examination and assess the condition and performance of wells, and pumping systems identifying potential issues. Our team then compiles comprehensive well production reports, offering insights into water yield, quality and recommendations for any necessary repairs. This service is designed to ensure the efficiency and longevity of well systems. 


Trenching and Underground

We offer precision trenching and underground work in the installation of water delivery systems. Our expertise includes digging trenches for electrical distribution and laying pipelines. We ensure meticulous planning including all proper underground locating services to meet the specific requirements of each project.

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